Welcome to read and write like it matters!

Welcome to Read and Write Like It Matters! I'm Mrs. J and I am a middle school teacher, a mom to a sweet newborn baby, and wife to a tennis-loving husband. I have 5 years of teaching under my belt and I have taught students in grades 5-8 in inner-city Christian schools. My best years teaching have been spent teaching middle school reading and ELA to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, as well as, social studies to 6-8th.  My absolute favorite grade to teach is 7th grade.  I have a master's degree in literacy education and my passion is teaching creative writing, specifically poetry!

I believe with all my heart that reading and writing matter.  It seems that in today's schools these two art forms sometimes get lost and buried beneath worksheets and mind-numbing assignments.  What I strive to do as a teacher is demonstrate to my students that both reading and writing have the ability to change minds and hearts.  They allow us to step into the shoes of others, past and present, in countries all over the world, or even people who live right down the street.  They help our minds grow and develop.  They allow us the opportunity to give thanks for our blessings.  They can make us laugh. They can make us cry.  They can help us through our darkest days.  They can preserve our most precious moments.  It is for these reasons that reading and writing matter!

As you join me on my reading and writing journey as a teacher, I hope you will be inspired to dream and create beautiful words and stories that can be shared with your students too! I will be sharing the books I am reading, poems I am writing, photographs I am taking (that inspire me to write), lessons I am planning, and writing that inspires me- whether that be a poem, a page of my favorite book, or a story written by my incredibly talented student authors! Let's get reading and writing! 📓