Beginning a Writer's Notebook: Dedicating Your Writing

As we write about what matters- our visions and our dreams, our passions, the people in our lives, the blessings that we recognize and share- we should take a moment to dedicate our writing!

This blog is lovingly dedicated to Anna Rosalie
Dedicated grandmother
Treasured confidant
Model of faith and selflessness
Ecstatic cheerleader
Ray of sunshine and laughter

Everlasting hero

And to my students: past, present, and future.  

May you always be chasers of the light 🌟

As all good writers do, we look to others for inspiration and guidance.  In the realm of education, we call these our "mentor authors."  At times on my blog, you will find references to my favorite books, quotes, and poems because they inspire me to write! I hope they will inspire you too! :)