Mini-Lesson: Hooking Your Reader

Hooks are story starters that captivate your audience.  These introductions "hook" or grab your reader's attention, making them want to read more! Try a few of these suggested strategies:

Hooks: Try starting the story three different ways!  My story topic is a childhood memory that I have.  Lindsay is my youngest sister.  This story is centered around the time we lost her.  She was only three years old!

1. Dialogue: "LINDSAY!" my mom and dad screamed as they frantically sprinted down the busy street outside our neighborhood.  I looked around and neighbors were out on porches looking this way and that.

2. Question (and a fact): Do you know the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when someone you love cannot be found? Well, I do.

3. Setting: It was a scorching summer day during our first summer in our new neighborhood.  We had taken refuge inside the air-conditioned rooms of our brand new house. We were all so excited to fill the new spaces with our trinkets and toys, so we were spread out in various rooms.  I for one, was in my bedroom organizing my books and my stuffed animals on my brand new bookshelves.  My breath caught in my throat when my mom frantically swung open my door yelling, "Have you seen Lindsay?" I could immediately sense the terror in her voice.