Writer's NB: Making Movies in Your Mind

Work on trying to capture moments in your mind.  Then to the best of your ability (use as many sensory details as you can) describe those movies in your mind.  They can be fragments and pieces, for now.  Just get those little moments down.

A few of my mental movies:

1. Flashback to Camp Fitch: rain plummeting against the wooden walkway. The darkness of the woods and the eerie silence except for the thunder of the rumbling thunder in the distance. Flashes of lightning illuminating the shadowy trees.  Slick wooden beams. Dad breathing heavy as he carries two little girls in his arms and one on his back to safety.

2. Flashback to Polar Bear: cold morning air, feet pattering in the dewy grass. Dimly lit sky, the sound of the lake lapping at the edge of the shore.  Feet on the edges of the concrete, eyeing the cool calm surface of the swimming pool.  Hesitation.  Eyes closed, knees drawn in, calves and heels pushing off, freezing water drowning every inch of sleepy skin.

3. Morning bonfires: on the days when we still lived at our dream house, we could have bonfires in the morning, curled up in blankets with our steaming cups of coffee, sharing stories and warming up slowly to the day ahead