Writer's NB: My Writing Territories

"Writing Territories" is a phrase coined by Nancie Atwell to describe the areas in your life that you want to write about. It can include people, places, events, passions, hobbies, worries, dreams, milestones, and other subjects that are close to your heart. Below are my writing territories.  I emphasize the "my" because they shouldn't necessarily make sense to you when you read them! They are quick ideas that I jot down when I remember something I love and cherish.  This is the list I will come back to frequently for new writing ideas!

My Writing Territories:
  • Family vacations- west coast (California & Colorado) to east coast (Boston & South Carolina)
  • Chelsea, Caylee, & Lindsay- singing, dancing like maniacs at weddings, make-believe and dress up
  • Coffee, books, and dark chocolate
  • Growing up and being late to EVERYTHING ever
  • Collections- owls, mason jars, candles
  • My eternal struggle for the perfect pen- my Jesus pen
  • Baking- or at least trying to
  • Exercise challenges- running, biking, hiking, yoga
  • Lake Erie sunsets
  • Walking on the bike path with my dad and golden retriever
  • My obsession with fall- pumpkin patches, apples, cornfields, hot apple cider, colorful trees, hoodies, cold runs, jeans and hoodies
  • Photography- capturing moments where I see Jesus/joy/light
  • Being a chaser of the light
  • Grandpa's farm stories
  • Grandma's phone calls that would NEVER end 
  • Saturday morning pancakes, Elvis, oldies and cleaning
  • Adventuring in new cities
  • Zambia, Africa- the red dirt roads, walking hugs, banana bus stops, rice and beans, candle pass
  • Everything summer: grilling out, lightning bugs, capture the flag, ice-cream trucks, playing in the creek
  • Road trip to Mount Rushmore- 8 hours of driving in one day
  • Harry Potter obsession- sleepovers to read the books
  • Caribbean vacation- Mexico, all you can eat food, gummy bears every day, fresh coconut water, paddle boarding
  • Struggling with confidence and perception of beauty
  • Learning that I am allergic to gluten and dairy- Ongoing struggle
  • Sisters- These little lies, sleepy octopus, kitchen spoon karaoke
Here are some examples from other writers!