Free Verse Poem: Homeless


I’m homesick
for a place that no longer exists

The place I used to call home
was a safe haven from the world
Inside the hug of my mom or dad
nothing could harm me
My struggles 
were my family’s struggles
My triumphs
were my family’s triumphs.
We were a team.

I miss the comforts of my childhood home
The sweet smell of glazed cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip banana bread
Warm spoonfuls of mom’s chili and creamy potato soup
Cozy PJs, nighttime prayers, and cuddling up for storytime with Dad
Handwritten notes stuffed into lunch boxes
Pizza, popcorn, and movies on Friday nights
Pancakes, oldies, and dusting on Saturday mornings
Board games and sleepovers
Omelets and early morning Masses
Dripping ice-cream cones
and swinging for hours at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

I miss celebrating the seasons with my family
Jumping into piles of autumn leaves
and shooting hoops under the floodlight
Carving pumpkins and trick or treating
my dad dressed up as the leader of our pack.
Halloween hayrides and backyard baseball
Birthday balloons and homemade ice-cream cakes.
Magical Christmas mornings
shrimp eating competitions with cousins
squeezing onto the family room couch to watch football with the boys
non-traditional snowmen and igloo building 
warming our frozen hands near the fireplace
while mom made us hot cocoa in Santa Claus mugs
Long drives to admire houses twinkling with lights, dusted with snow
Easter baskets hidden on rooftops
Spring Break get-aways
Hot tub storytelling
Home video re-runs
hearty laughter
unbridled joy.

I miss my support system
Grandpa dropping off milkshakes 
Grandma taking us on shopping and lunch dates.
Their joint faith in me
drove me to be the best I could be.
Dad making every single game I ever played
teaching me how to improve my swing
forcing me to practice my foul shots
Patiently walking me step by step through my challenging homework
Celebrating my accomplishments
reading all of my stories with rapt enthusiasm
and being my source of strength during the toughest of times.
Mom nursing my wounds
and warming my sore throats with chicken noodle soup
giving me advice on boys and friendship
praying the rosary with me
seeing the best in me.

I miss my little sisters
Our imaginary worlds 
and Barbie doll cities
Soccer games and softball tournaments
Singing on the top of our lungs in our mini-van
Dancing our hearts out 
Trading secrets into the late hours of the night
Road trip shenanigans
Babysitter beauty shop
Neighborhood capture the flag
Tickle fights with Lindsay
Arts and crafts on the porch in the summer
Playing shark in the pool
Picnics in the park 
Catching crayfish in the creek

This home I remember 
feels scattered and lost
as our family has moved and grown apart

So for now, I am homeless
because nothing feels like home.

****This poem was written on a day in college when I was feeling particularly homesick.  It was one of those days when nothing felt like it would ever feel normal again, now that I was growing up and moving out of my comfort zone.  I feel blessed to say that, although things are different, I no longer feel homeless.  I've learned that home is where your family is and although many aspects of family life might change, the memories of childhood will always remain šŸ’™