Free Verse Poem: Maximize Your Potential

Maximize Your Potential

The quest for knowledge
Often fills me with an insatiable hunger
A thirst that cannot be quenched
No matter how many books I devour
Or how many news sites I scour
The magic never ends

Goals are my roadmap
My progress in meeting them, my speed
My fuel is my potential of who I'm made to be

Books bring alive new places
And people I'll never meet
They help me understand myself
And the strangers on the street

However, the more and more I look
The less and less I find
Fellow readers on the journey
Keeping their thrill of learning alive

Everyone seems to settle for good enough
Because bare minimums aren't hard to meet

Instead of stories rich with detail
I'm reading pages scarce of content
Stripped bare to the bone
Because people would rather
Be fed imagination for dinner   
Then create it on their own

So I ask of you today,
What is it that you love?
What topics make you care?
Ask important questions
And seek answers everywhere

You are young, creative, bold and free
What a difference you could make
IMAGINE what you could do
Pull your eyes off of your screens

Create a vision for your life:
Start a business
Write a book
Play an instrument
Learn to cook

It doesn't matter what you try
But it matters that you look

Explore the world around you
While all the doors are still wide open
Because once those doors start closing
You've got to wait for opportunity to come knocking

Maximize your potential
That's what it's all about
No matter what you are doing
Put in effort and you'll be proud

By: Mrs. J