Free Verse Poem: Oranges of Autumn

Oranges of Autumn

Oh the oranges of autumn,
how I admire you so!
Your fields ripe with pumpkins
in all shapes and sizes.
And the tantalizing scent of cinnamon spice
baked into pancakes, cookies, and coffee delights.

As the crunch of golden leaves takes its place
among the trails and wooded greens,
my fall mixtape resumes its speed
and a fluttering excitement begins to grow
when the Friday night lights begin to glow.

Snuggled beneath mountains of blankets
sipping savory soups and steamy teas,
I let stories help me drift off into a fantasy land
which lulls me gently to sleep.

I'm grateful for your evening skies
set ablaze in shades of orange 
your tree tops shimmering like candle flames
in a rolling sea of blue.

Reminding me that when sickness and stress hits
there are very few things 
the oranges of autumn cannot fix.