Poem: Where I'm From

One of my favorite poems to ask students to write is a "Where I'm From" poem.  It can have a number of different structures, but the main idea remains the same- tell about your life and the people and places that have helped you become who you are today! If you want to try one, here is an example to get you started!

Where I’m From Poem
By: Mrs. J

I’m from a father who has hardly ever missed a sporting, musical, or academic event,
and a mother who is the most compassionate person I know.

I’m from Barbie dolls, fairy tales, dress up, magical Christmas,
and elaborately themed birthday parties with my three younger sisters.
I’m from oldies, kitchen dance parties, and family game nights.

I’m from homemade pizza and popcorn,
banana bread, ice-cream sundaes, meatloaf, and potato soup.

I’m from Saturday morning cartoons,
the sound of my dad’s voice singing to us from the kitchen,
pancakes and chocolate milk in frosted glasses.

I’m from quiet afternoons with grandma and grandpa,
playing cards, swinging in their backyard, and counting tooth fairy money.
I’m from Missouri,
where my grandparents grew up,
grandpa’s old farm and Regina’s piano playing and lively spirit.

I’m from thoughtful relatives and adopted uncles.
I’m from laughter that makes your stomach hurt, shared joy, comforting hugs,
and unconditional love.

I’m from faith-filled best friends,
who have provided a constant net of support since the 8th grade.
I’m from evenings at Lake Erie
walks to the lighthouse
and breathtaking sunsets.

I’m from lightning bugs, admiring the twinkling stars from our trampoline,
and picnics in the park.
I’m from a love of young adult and children’s literature, 
and pumpkin spice lattes 

I’m from Zambia, Africa,
where I learned the true value of community and simplicity,
and where I grew to love running hugs, candle pass prayer, adventuring, and travel.

I’m from the simple things:
rays of sunshine, everyday miracles, 
answered prayer, unbreakable faith

and the ability to chase the light.