Writer's NB: Writing Small

Sometimes, a line might pop into your head that you want to capture, but you aren't quite sure what you are going to do with it yet.  Become an observer of the world around you! Survey your surroundings.  Go outside and sit quietly and just listen!  Go back into the house and look at the people, rooms, and objects with new eyes.  Any idea that pops into your head could be a starting point for a poem or a story down the road, so make sure you capture it! We call this "writing small." It can be small itty bitty memories, a natural scene you love, or any other observation you take the time to appreciate and notice.
  • sunsets- splash of hues against a backdrop of baby blues
  • snowy runs under cotton candy blue and purple skies
  • running in the rain- light pitter patter, socks soaked through, wind whistling in my ear
  • sweet lemonade and a big bowl of sweet vanilla ice-cream, jazz music playing in the background, sounds of friends reuniting, shared smiles
  • Zambia- evenings of uncontrollable laughter, deep conversations by candlelight
  • nestled up next to a crackling fireplace with Harry Potter with a mug of hot cocoa, snowflakes drifting down from a dark sky
  • crisp fall walks under the fire red leaves, the bonfire of treetops