Classroom Transformation

One week before going back to work (I went on maternity leave a week before school actually started), I was perusing a bunch of teacher instagram accounts and realizing that my classroom could be SO much more inspiring if I put in a little more effort to make it more colorful and bright. Five days before I went back to work I decided to stop into my school to see the current state of my classroom.  I wanted to cry when I saw how bare and sad it looked (see pictures below). I was dreading leaving my sweet little girl at daycare and knew that this year, more than ever before, I needed my classroom to be a place that made me feel happy and inspired.  So I went out, bought a bunch of colorful paper, a few lamps, and a whole lot of colorful garland strings to hang. I typed, printed, and cut out countless decorations. I dug out the white paper lantern decorations from our wedding and strung them from a ribbon. I picked up a diffuser with a few essential oils. Finally, I pulled out my Keurig from college and stuck that baby front and center on my desk to help me get through long nights with a newborn baby ;) Needless to say, the kids were pretty much in shock when they walked into the classroom on my first day back (which was a Wednesday) and we have all been enjoying the happy vibes that the room has this year. I really think it has made a HUGE impact on my students' attitudes! But at the very least, it has kept me upbeat and super excited about going into school every day 💛


This is what my classroom looked like before I returned from maternity leave... it was sooooo sad haha.