Celebrating Diversity: Just Ask

Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor’s, picture book “Just Ask” is a great resource for talking about differences and celebrating diversity! I found the book to be helpful in sharing different perspectives and there are a few questions throughout the story that could make for great class discussions. I love her message of encouraging students to avoid making judgments and assumptions, but I am cautious about teaching students to "just ask" (only because asking politely can be challenging). 

Since I decided to use this book as a way to simply discuss that we all have differences, I've created an activity about our unique talents and the areas in which we hope to learn and grow.  It is simple enough you could do it with just about any age group: 

  1. After reading the story, give each student a flower and ask them to decorate the center of the flower with their name.
  2. In each petal, have them fill in a word or picture that describes things they love to learn about, topics that interest them, and skills and talents they possess. If they can’t fill every petal that’s okay but you could also ask students/families to help them identify their unique strengths. 
  3. In the flower’s stem and leaves, have the students fill in a couple areas in which they would like to grow. These are areas where we might need help to grow! Remember to introduce this part with words that show a growth mindset mentality. We aren’t good at them... YET 🌱

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