Free Resources

The resources listed here are the freebies posted on my TPT store. For additional freebies, click the label free printables!

Point of View & Tone Mini-Lesson

In this creative writing mini-lesson, you will find all of the resources you need to engage students in writing a letter from a new point of view with attitude! This lesson includes step-by-step procedures and all you need to do is print the half-sheet handout (or project it on the board for the students to copy into their notebooks). The lesson is sure to engage students of all ages!

In this super simple mini-lesson, you will engage your students in a fun read-aloud activity that could take anywhere from 20-40 minutes depending on how many of the steps you choose to do with your class. A reader's theater script is included so that even if you don't currently have the book, you can use this lesson right away! 

Author's Purpose & Theme Mini-Lesson

In this super simple reading mini-lesson, you will find all of the resources you need to give students practice with analyzing theme and author's purpose. Included is a creative writing extension activity that can turn this mini-lesson into a full class period or even two. This lesson is also distance learning friendly, just attach a link to the read aloud!

Walk-Up Song Bulletin Board Kit

Walk-Up Song Bulletin Board Kit

Free bulletin board decoration for the beginning of the school year! Introduce to your students the idea of a “walk-up song” in baseball, let them select an appropriate song that inspires them and then have them decorate a boombox with lyrics and designs that define their personality and their passions. This quick activity is great for getting to know your class as the school year kicks off!