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Literature Circle Framework

Use this literature circle guide to plan and implement literature circles... tomorrow! Super easy to use. All you need is a book (any book will work with this guide- fiction or nonfiction). You can use this same framework over and over again with each new book your students read as a class, in a small group, or you could even use these worksheets for independent practice. Rubrics, planning sheets, and student worksheets are all included. Your students will love the opportunity to discuss and share their thoughts on what they are reading!

Mind Mansion Poetry Project

In this month-long unit, students will use higher-order thinking and creative processes to make and present a “Mind Mansion Poetry Project” to their classmates. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of types of poetry, figurative language, and poetic devices through the creation of at least six different poems. They will be required to analyze their own use of figurative language and the types of poetry that they are using within their project! 

Picture Book Evaluation Project

Picture Book Evaluation Project

In this “Picture Book Evaluation Project,” students will not only review literature key terms (genres, story elements, author’s purpose, theme, mood, tone, and overall book features), but they will also review parts of speech and figurative language. This project can be used with either nonfiction or fiction books! It requires higher order analysis, synthesis of concepts learned, and the final project encourages creative thinking!

Gather Together Descriptive Writing Unit: Focus on Sensory Details

In this mini-writing unit, “Gather Together,” students will review and practice using sensory details within a narrative writing piece. Through a hands-on sensory detail game (where students become “secret tasters” at a restaurant), teacher modeling, and peer discussions, students will explore a memory they have that is tied to a favorite recipe. Using this memory of a special recipe, students will write and publish a descriptive personal anecdote, similar to what one might find on a professional food blog! Students will love becoming “taste testers” and drawing upon memories of their favorite foods! 

In this mini-writing unit, “Gather Together- Food Critique Mini-Unit,” students will practice using critical analysis skills to critique imaginary restaurants. To extend the learning one step further, students will become food critics, using a pre-made observation chart to review a series of meals (at home or during school lunches). The will then use descriptive language (especially sensory details) to write a review that centers on the four major aspects of restaurant success- atmosphere, service, meal quality, and meal presentation. Through guided journaling, peer discussions, and hands-on observation students will engage in the art of critical analysis using a medium we all love- food! 

Gather Together 2 Week Writing Unit: Focus on Sensory Detail & Critical Analysis (Bundled lessons)

In this bundled product, you can get both the “Gather Together- Descriptive Writing Mini-Unit” and “Gather Together- Food Critique Mini-Unit." Together, you will have two weeks of creative writing lessons to use with your students and they will absolutely love how the writing revolves around the enjoyment of food!

Various "Book Bits" (Pre-Reading Strategy):