Classroom Design

I'd have to say that the thing I have learned most from Joanna Gaines is that beautifully decorated spaces have the power to inspire creativity.  With as much time as we spend in our classrooms, it seems only natural that we take the time to make them places that have the power to inspire.  

It doesn't cost much to create a space that is colorful and bright! To save money on my classroom decorations, I created my own signs and laminated them so that I can use them over and over again. 

My theme for this particular year had everything to do with llamas.  I made llama name tags and posters that displayed llama puns to lighten things up.
My favorite decoration is definitely the inspirational quotes that I displayed around the room. I placed a cut out of each speaker next to their quote and tried to place them in spaces where students might have a minute here and there to read the quotes (like by where we line up for example). I've added a link here so you can print a copy for your own classroom. The athletes I included probably will be wearing an old uniform because of how frequently they switch teams, but everything else is totally usable!