Mindfulness & Meditation Resources

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Because I teach at a private school, we incorporate daily prayer into all of our classes.  A few years ago, I decided to start using this time to help my students learn how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into our prayer.  I have found it to be highly beneficial to all of my students as a reset, a chance to reflect and breathe peacefully! 

I found an animated GIF that shows students when to inhale and exhale, posted an inspirational quote next to it for students to reflect on, and added a teeny tiny youtube link to calming music (so you can play the music while the slide is up on the screen without having to actually see the video).

Here I am sharing a link to the slideshow I use (which has 20 quotes for meditation) so that you can use them in your classroom as a way to increase mindfulness, create a sense of peace within, and give your students time to just BE.