Blackout vs. COVID19: Compare & Contrast


As I was reading this comic-style picture book to my daughter, I realized that this would be an excellent text to use for discussing the pandemic.  In this picture book, the characters find ways to interact and enjoy each other's presence without electricity & devices. And (spoiler alert) they decide that even after the electricity comes back on, that they prefer to spend time together without the distractions of technology.  

Consider using this story as a springboard for a compare/contrast discussion about the ways that people have interacted with family and friends during the COVID19 shutdown and subsequent social distancing mandates, as opposed to how the characters interact during the blackout. 

A few essential questions to focus on could be: What have been some of the positives that have come out of these challenging times? Have you spent more time focused time with your loved ones? Have you found creative ways to interact with your community like the characters do in Blackout?