Resistant Readers & Picture Books

One of the first questions I ask my students is, “Do you read at home?” More often than naught, the answer is a roundabout no. Even my students who enjoy reading find it hard to make focused reading a daily habit. 

One of my favorite strategies for re-engaging students in the practice of reading is to send home a stack of quality picture books with the request that parents & children read them together. There is a magical quality about a great picture book that can draw readers, especially resistant ones, back into the practice of engaging with text in personal ways. 

I recommend sending picture books home with students of any age. Not forever, especially for the older students, but long enough to provide a positive reading experience that might spark interest and real engagement in reading. 

Here on my blog, I keep a running list of picture books that I would recommend sending home especially with your resistant readers. Feel free to direct parents to my book lists to encourage them to read with their children! On Instagram, I evaluate each book for author and illustrator's craft so families can have a quick reference on hand for what to notice & note as they read!